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Is Machine Translation The Future of Language Translation? 

Undoubtedly, machine translation has imprinted the translation service world, sporting faster turnarounds at lower costs. In theory, it sounds like the perfect translation solution, a way to increase the quality of translation, saving you at least 10% on cost savings on new words.

Machine Translations Vs Translation Linguists

We agree that well-trained engines produce high-quality content at better costs, but this quality is nowhere near the quality levels of human linguists. Some people may argue this can be rectified with post-editing, but this will still require a professional linguist to review the raw output data, correcting critical and grammatical errors.

Our Take 

As technology advances, it is clear the only way machine translation has to go is up. With these developments, we can expect efficiency in the translation process only to get better. Still, one thing is certain, the best chance for quality content is combining pure MT solutions with traditional translation processes. Translation services with professional linguists bring human-level qualities that machines may lack. So while MT becomes more sophisticated with technological advances, to say it would replace human linguists would be an overstatement.



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