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IEB Translation Services has a unique global team whose mission is to work in multiple projects, which allows for the production of specific jobs, with a consistent quality, great volumes, at an extraordinary pace, flexibility, focus and scale.

Whether you hire a monthly service or a particular project you will always be provided with the assessment of a Project Manager appointed to fulfil all your specific needs.

Ethic, diversity, time factor and quality.

Once the rate for the particular job is agreed, the Projects Department selects the best professional profiles for your project. In order to ensure the best quality, we always assign the translation step to a professional and the edition to a different one. When IEB receives the final version, the last quality control step, called “Final Eye,” is performed. This step is carried out in-house and it is the moment to check that all instructions have been followed and no mistakes have been made. After this step, the final material is delivered.

We work with a team of more than 450 specialized certified linguists and translators, selected under ISO 17100 standard for translation quality.

Our ten in-house editors, ten in-house translators and two Quality Managers guarantee a daily production of up to 50,000 words every day with strict quality controls.

We can produce 18 million words every year.

The satisfaction of our clients is our best introduction.


We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified company, which guarantees a high standard in our production and quality processes.

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