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Why Can’t Machine Translation Replace Human Translators?

Need to translate a document or text? Paste the content on your preferred machine translation tool, and voila! Sounds perfectly easy, right? Well, not quite. Machine translation tools offer a quick translation services option, but they are far from perfect.

Reasons Human Linguists Triumph Machine Translation

And although they have changed the game in the translation industry, they will not replace human translators. At least not any time soon, and here are four reasons why;

1. Content Quality
Although MT may guarantee perfection in phrases and words, it is far from human translators’ artistic interpretation. Linguists can understand and comprehend the essence of the content. 

2. Evolution Language

New words and vocabulary come up every day in the world of language, and for quality translations, it is essential to keep up with these changes. Unlike translators who can adapt to the changes as they come, machines take time to learn and keep track of the phrases. 

3. Human Touch
Human translators earn double points when it comes to language efficiency in translations. Because a legal document translator can understand the complexity of language, they can add human touch by considering cultural sensitivity in the translated text; something machine translations cannot. 


Despite its contributions to the translation industry, automatic integration has some drawbacks. So why not seek help from a certified translation service? Our provider caters to clients with an array of translation needs. Call us for inquiries about our services; we would love to hear from you. 



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