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Why Is Machine Translation So Popular? 

If you have been looking for quick translation services online, Machine Translation is a term you have most probably come across. Machine translation is a system that uses algorithms, decoding and coding to translate languages. The machines learn the language rules and use them to make language translations.

3 Reasons Why People Prefer Machine Translations 

Although machine translation has been around for more than 70 years, the system has only become popular in the past ten years. During this time, MT has undergone improvements and technical advancements to make them more efficient, and as a result, more people and even medical translation services have started using them. Some people even prefer machine translations to human translators. Here is why; 

1. Translation Speed
Are you looking for a quick translation service for your project? MT is faster than humans, making them perfect when working under a strict deadline. While you may require professional editors to check the text for accuracy, MT will reduce translation time. 

2. Consistency
In wording and style, machine translation output is of higher quality than linguists. Although it does not take cultural nuisances into account during translations, it is consistent in wording and phrases. 

3. Cost Efficiency
MT has one up on human translators for their speed and ability to take on bulky tasks. Within a short period, MT can deliver a large amount of translated data which will cost you much less than a linguist. This makes it a more affordable option than protocol translations by human translators. 

Wrapping Up 

There is no doubt about the role MT plays in protocol translation services. But we also have to acknowledge the error MT sometimes presents in translations. That said, it is best to apply both machine translations and post-editing by human translators to enjoy the best of both worlds.



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