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Top 3 Language Translation Tools In 2022

2022 is a world forever changed by the pandemic and the language translation tools. Industries and companies worldwide are leveraging technology, and the translation industry is no different. Language translation services work with AT tools and machine translators to accelerate the production of documents and content. 

Best Free Translation Tools In 2022

Among the numerous machine translation tools, these three top translation tools have made an imprint for being seamless in 2022. Best part? They are free.
1.Google Translate
Google translate has a multi-language feature that can translate 109 languages. This tool runs translations for texts, documents and websites for free. It is easily accessible and user-friendly, which makes it convenient for users.

2.Bing Microsoft Translator

Earning a spot among the best machine translators in 2022, this tool can support over 105 language translation systems. A part of the MS cognitive service, Bing can translate real-time speech, text and images. 

3.Deep L
Although it offers document translation in only 26 languages, this tool has earned a spot on the list for its accuracy and nuanced translations. It caters to individual and business translation needs and offers integration with Windows and iOS apps. 


Machine tools are revolutionizing the translation industry; however, this does not mean they are clearing out human translators. MT are still subject to inaccuracies, and it takes the expertise of our post-editors to review the final output before publishing. Get in touch with us for quality with accelerated translation production. 



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