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About Us

“At IEB we are committed to providing outstanding and high-quality services through team leadership, assertive communication, and cooperation”

We are ISO 9001 and 17100 certified

We translate more than words. We work meticulously to spread knowledge, diversity and cooperation, which are the essence of good communication. We believe translation is the art of saying the same in different ways. We are not only than a company present in the market since 2008.We are building a bridge towards a diverse, conscious and justice-oriented world.

Our success consists in doing what we love, while still being competitive in the market, with cooperation and teamwork as the main skills to achieve our goals.

Our Team

Nancy Cortell

CEO of IEB Translation Services

Combines vision and experience to strategically lead. She directs key operations, oversees service quality, and fosters strong relationships. Additionally, she implements innovative strategies, driving company growth and operational performance. Her comprehensive leadership drives continuous success.

Claudio Martínez

Finance Director at IEB Services

Brings expertise and leadership in financial management. He oversees financial operations, develops strategies for sustainable growth, and ensures compliance with regulations. His strategic focus and ability to optimize resources drive the financial success of the company.

Join our team

IEB Translation Services has a unique global team, diverse and highly qualified, which is responsible for our continuous growth.

Our success consists in doing what we love, while still being competitive in the market, with cooperation and teamwork as the main skills to achieve our goals.

IEB Translation Services’ team is trained and counts with state of the art technology and new computer-assisted translation tools in order to successfully meet their goals.

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