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Post-Editing Processes In Quality Of MT Translation

MT translation has changed the industry as we know it for years. The ability of a computer to translate text from one language to another without human intervention has no doubt saved users both time and money. Even certified translation services have adapted the use of MT in their work.

Post Editing Machine Translations For The Better

Despite developments and upgrades made to MT engines, nothing can reasonably produce better translations than human linguists, thus the introduction of post-editing. This is the use of MT translation and human translators to translate a document. While the machine offers an optimal solution for quick translation services, the human translators at the post-translate will ensure a review of the final form for mistranslations, proper tone, style, and linguistic inaccuracies. 


Introductions of post-editing when using machine translations offer the best of both worlds regarding speed and accuracy. MT translation deals with an immense amount of text, whereas a human touch creates a more authentic translation output. 



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