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Ukraine Crisis Shockwaves Felt In The Translation Industry

For most of this year, Ukrainians have been living their worst nightmare. And while the rest has affected the country, the translation industry has also taken a heavy hit. People in Ukraine speak two languages, Russian and Ruthenian (the official language); Thus, translators can fluently translate either language. However, because of the recent conflict, the Russian language has lost popularity in Ukraine as many people prefer to use the Ukrainian language. This has, in turn, resulted in a drop in remote interpreting in the country, and the restrictions on digital payment systems between the two countries have not done the country any favors. 

What Next For The Translation Industry?

Ukraine, a developing country, has not always had a thriving translation industry, but the situation has only worsened. Currently, the cost of quick translation services starts at $0.02/word for freelancing agents and $0.03/word for certified translation agencies, with agents getting paid even less. 

Bottom Line

The situation in Ukraine is a two-sided coin; on one side, it has shrunk the language translation industry, and on the other, it has the opportunity to create new opportunities. The humanitarian for refugees and displaced citizens call for official translation of immigration papers. 



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