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6 Steps Of Web Localization in Translations

Ever needed ecommerce translation services? Then web localization may be a familiar term for you. Often mistakenly interchanged with web translations, localization entails changing content into a different language while considering the audience’s cultural requirements. To boost quality content, translation service providers offer both services although what they entail differs. 

How To Localize Your Web Content 

The following is a step-by-step guide to understanding the web localization process in translation. 

1. Project Management and Analysis
Language translation providers will start accessing the website to determine the extent of your localization. Once this is done, they will look at the website’s technical complexity, workload, and lead time. 

2. Market And Product Analysis

A review of the market and product to understand local guidelines apply to the particular region. The analysis will show what is relevant to the target market. 

3. Web Internationalization
The ecommerce translation agency will confirm that the internationalization was done; if not, they will prepare it to receive different configurations based on the target language.  

4. UI Content And String Extractions
A glossary is created related to accommodating the language direction and functionality. This will include the text strings and data points of the source material. 

5.  Web Translation
Language translators handle content changing from the source to the target language. The text is proofread to ensure the correct phrases, tone, and style. 

6. Web Localization
Content material is adapted considering cultural and linguistic appropriateness. Linguistic quality assurance is run to ensure the content is localized, functions appropriately, and matches requirements. The experts will also check for usability and typographical errors and mistakes in any format translation. 


Want to attain a far-reaching impact on the web? It is time you localized your website. You can achieve a wider audience by focusing your content on accommodating different target languages. And with the assistance of our experts, you can localize your content with your project in the right hands. Call us for any queries; we are happy to help. 



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